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Using the Unsubscribe feature

Subscribe to Syndicate

In the sample list above, one patron is marked as unsubscribed online. One of the columns in the list contains the unsubscribe date, so you know when people no longer wanted to be part of the mail list.

When building other mail lists or running reports, there are two key selection criteria that lets you select these people:

  • Marketing Patron Belongs to Mail List - Subscribed to

    When used, this will find all the people in the mail list - except those patrons who unsubscribe themselves online. This makes selecting people on a public mail list easy. You don't need to worry about who doesn't want email since they are automatically ignored.

  • Marketing Patron Belongs to Mail List - Unsubscribed from

    This search criteria only picks people who have unsubscribed. Its best use might be for an eblast mail list where people say they no longer want a specific type of eblasts.

    You can include patrons in your normal way and then use this list to eliminate people in the unsubscribed list using something like the criteria below.