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Set Suggested Donation

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There are a four ways to set a suggested donation for patrons when sending out the subscription renewal notices. You can set:
  1. a specific suggested donation for all subscriptions - for example $100.00, which is set as an option when printing renewal notices
  2. a suggestion that is a percentage value of the total subscription - for example 15%, which is set as an option when printing renewal notices
  3. a different suggested amount for each patron - which is entered directly on the favourite seats subscription window.
  4. a custom value for each donor based on a calculation from prior donation history (which is described below)


Or, a variation on the above 4 options where you:
  • assign something based on past history.
  • then look at the bands of suggested donations (eg 100-125, 200-250) .. and then re-assign some donors a new specific donation that is a manual round-up or to the next giving level.

    This would mean:

    • running the process once to set the initial amount
    • then re-running it for selected patrons to set specific amounts as much as you want.


Setting a suggestion based on Historical Giving

Option 4 allows you to select one or more subscriptions and calculate a custom amount based on past giving history. You can use this feature:

  • as many times as you want to recalculate or replace any existing suggested donation
  • differently for groups of subscribers so that opening night subscribers might use different set of criteria than the rest of the run
  • to over-ride some previous settings for one or more patrons

To use the feature:

  1. Open the window to manage patron subscriptions
  2. On the bottom left corner, select one or more subscriptions
  3. Right-click to see the context menu.
  4. Select 'Select Suggested Donation for Subscriptions' from the menu
  5. The window that appears below will appear
    • Make your choices as to how to calculate the suggested donation for the patron
    • Click Proceed