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Web Cart Ticket Tab

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This window shows the tickets that the patron added to the cart. It also compares the tickets in the cart with those that the patron currently owns. The list will show status messages that are like some of the following:
  • Ticket purchased successfully - which means the person wanted that ticket and still has it
  • Hold expires on xxxx and is for patron - which means that the patron wanted the ticket and has it in their cart but has either not checked out yet, or abandoned the cart, or has checked out and there was a processing issue. In any of those cases, the ticket is on hold for the patron for some period of time
  • Ticket is sold to another patron - means that the ticket in this cart is now owned by somebody else. It could be because the patron abandoned the cart, or the ticket was exchanged at some time in the past
  • Ticket is not sold to anybody - means that the patron wanted the ticket and some time has passed -- and it is neither held nor sold to anybody. it means it is available should the patron call in and want it.
You can use the Checkout to take over a cart and check the patron out.