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Web Cart Prior Orders

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This tab shows any prior orders that were added to the cart and paid for by the patron. A prior order is something that they bought earlier and may not have paid for completely (eg they paid a deposit on a school order, or you booked their subscription for them and they did not pay). They chose to pay the balance of that order online and it appears in this list.
A payment for prior orders online follows the rules of applying a single payment for multiple orders

Example: If the prior order was $10.00, you will see THREE payment transactions as follows:

  1. Credit Card payment for the cart - will be over paid by $10.00 to the credit Card used online. This is the balance owing on the prior order.
  2. CASH Credit to the cart - since the cart is overpaid by $10.00, you will see a CASH refund of $10.00 to the cart to bring it into balance
  3. CASH Debit to the prior order - the credit (above) will result in a second CASH payment applied to the prior order for $10.00