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Features and Benefits

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The internet sales module has a number of key features to enable a patron to buy from you. You don't need to spend time allocating tickets to another web ticket provider - and, as with all Theatre Manager modules - you control the final cost of all tickets, retain any fees you may wish to add for using the internet, and get the money immediately. Or, as many Theatre Manager users have expressed to us, keep the prices and fees low to facilitate a patron's use of the Internet.

What can a patron do with the web sales module:

  • Existing patrons can maintain their name and address information online
  • New patrons can add their name and address to the database
  • Logon via email address and password
  • Both main patron and spouse can login separately and do their own purchases
  • Patrons can purchase tickets, passes, gift certificates, make donationsand purchase anything that you currently sell using theatre manager
  • Items that a patron purchased are added to a shopping cart and tickets are held on the venue for as long as you like (we recommend 10 or 15 minutes). If the patron has been inactive for that time period or fails to complete the sale, the tickets are automatically released for somebody else to purchase. The box office will see these tickets as 'holds' in their seating maps
  • Purchasing tickets will use the 'best seat' feature. As with Theatre Manager, the web module will never leave a single seat - so you won't waste seat inventory to ensure that more customers can be seated without leaving empty seats.
  • You decide which events, donations, passes, etc. are available for sale and the patron will only see those you've selected. Payments are made via credit card and appear in the end-of-day wizard. You do not need to do any additional processing when a sale is made over the Internet
  • Patrons can elect to add themselves to selected mail lists. This feature is intended for a few mail lists that you wish the patron to have access to. For example, a patron could sign up for 'send me audition notices' or 'advise me of my performance dates' - those kinds of things.
  • The internet sales module comes with fully customizable web pages. You can change the look and feel of any web page and integrate it into your existing web site. All you need is an HTML editor (such as Dreamweaver or any number of other page editors).

To try out the Web Module, please check our Test Drive the Demo page for additional information on the technology, performance, security, how to get the Internet modules, etc.