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Shopping Carts

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You must have purchased the Web Sales Module in order to use the Web Sales Listener.

Choose Patron Sales menu item>>Web Sales Monitor>>Shopping Carts.

You can access the shopping carts created by the web listeners in one of three ways.
  • The toolbar - to search for and see all the carts for a specific time range or status
  • The patron window - to view all carts for a specific patron on the shopping cart tab
  • by using 'Patron Sales->Web Sales Module->Shopping Carts
Once you find a specific cart, you can view the contents of them, as well as the web logs associated with that cart. If a cart
  • is still active and the patron calls for assistance, you can also help them check their cart out manually and take over the sale for them.
  • is completed but there have been some tickets left on hold for some reason, you can also use the detail window to move those held tickets into the patrons record. Carts that are eligible for this are those that are completed, yet have an order balance as per line 1 of the example below.