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Checkout Cart on Behalf of Patron

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If a patron calls the box office and asks for assistance with a web sale, the box office has two options -after- the patron has logged in to the web site. The Box office can:
  • talk the patron through the sales process. If you look up the shopping cart, you can use the Web Log tab to see what the patron is doing -or-
  • 'take over' the shopping cart on the patrons behalf after instructing them that they will no longer be able to continue.

You might need to do this is the patron:
To take over a shopping cart for a patron, the following must be true:
  • Taking over a cart: the patron must have logged in to the web site -and- the cart must still be active -OR-
  • Completing a checked out cart: there must be items in the cart that have not been checked out yet -and- the balance < 0 for the order -OR-

You cannot take over anonymous carts. Tickets in anonymous carts must expire due to cart timeout before they are accessible.

Clicking on the 'Checkout' button provides a warning that you are about to take over the shopping cart for the patron and gives a chance to cancel the process. Once you continue with the checkout, the cart is marked complete and the patron will not be able to do anything with it.

As per the picture below, if you continue checking the cart out manually, Theatre Manager will

  • Create an order
  • Attach it to the shopping cart
  • Sell all tickets in the cart and attach to the order
  • Add all applicable fees, donations and anything else in the cart to the order
  • Stop at the normal payment window so that you can finish the order by asking the patron for a credit card

Note: you can also ask the patron if they want any other tickets and purchase them manually as if this were a normal box office order.