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Manage Pending/Unsent Emails

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Theatre Manager sends emails within 15 seconds after a customer causes one to be issued by the web site or from an email blast initiated by staff. This window only shows emails that are waiting to be sent Not Done or where an attempt was made to send them and there is an error

If you want to see when emails were sent, refer to this help page for the web listener log


Typical Reasons Why Emails May Not Be Sent

Sometimes, emails may not get sent and manage email window allows you to review email issues on a daily basis.

  1. The patron asked for a password reset and did not get it. It is worth checking the web listener logs to make sure they typed their email correctly and/or it is in the database.
  2. You are using Gmail or Office 365 and are getting rate limited.
    There gotcha's and limitations to using a free service like Gmail or Office 365 and we recommend against them for this reason. For our cloud clients, we use Mailgun.
  3. Check your email setup to ensure credentials are correct. It could be one of three places:
  4. Look at the Manage Email window. You can:
  5. If customers complain that they didn't get an email, then look at past history of emails/form letters that were queued to send (if you cannot see them in the pending email list, it probably means that:
    • TM sent them to your SMTP server (you can check your SMTP Server logs) -and-
    • The emails got lost between you and the patron -or -
    • The emails went into the patron's junk mail folder -or-
    • The patron was in a rush and typed an invalid email address or spelt their email address incorrectly. Some mistakes may seem pretty obvious or the patron may confirms a correction. eg, they put in: If this is the case, all you need to do is:
      • Correct any obvious mistakes in email address in the patron contact card
      • Double click on the email line and edit the email address to use the new email
      • TM will mark the email as not done and then send it using the new email address
      If that does not work and they claim that they cannot get on, you many want to refer to finding patrons who request password resets which will send an email to the patron to redo their password. (If they still don't get an email and the email address is right, they are using something that junks the email)
  6. your service provider forces you to change passwords every so often
  7. or some issue with your email service provider such as:
    • Some server setting preventing relaying, which would show up in the log on a particular email, or
    • Review some catch-all email troubleshooting procedures if something above isn't helpful.


Managing Emails that did not get sent

To Manage Pending or Unsent emails, select menu item Patron Sales >> Web Sales >> Manage Pending/Unsent Emails.. Once you have solved the reason emails were not sending, this window allows you to resend any in error, or pause some while you are looking for the issue.

The Web Listener keeps track of all emails that originate from Theatre Manager, whether from an eblast or because the customer asked the web listener to send a password request or a completed shopping cart purchase.

From the main menu bar, go to Patron Sales>>Web Sales>>Manage Pending/Unsent Emails.

This will display a search list of all unsent emails.

Search for pending/unsent emails and then double click on one of them to look at the specific error in the email- if any. This will help determine the course of action, which might be one of those below.

Option Action
Patron Clicking the patron button after selecting an email in the list will open the patron window to whom the email is being sent. You can edit the primary email address and correct it for the future.

You should take this action if you can see that the email address was obviously spelled incorrectly. You may want to contact the patron and get the correct spelling of the email address.

Contact Card This opens the patrons contact card directly so that you can edit the email address to correct it and/or add one in if it is not there.

After correcting an email address for the patron, double click on the unsent email and change the outgoing email address to the one you just entered and the email will reset and then send in a while.

Set Status An email has 3 status codes. It can be Not Done, Done, or be in Error. All emails on this window generally are in in the Error or Not Done status as that is what the purpose of this window is.

Actions that can be take are:

  • If you correct the email address (by editing the patron record, as above) or have fixed the reason why the email was not sent, then
    • select the email
    • change the status to Not Done
    • The web listener will automatically try to resend the email in a short while
  • If you cannot figure out what it causing the email issue, you can
    • set the status to Done and the email will never be sent
    • delete the email so that it never exists
    You may need to contact the customer under such circumstances

You should take this action if the error message indicates that there was an issue talking to the SMTP server that has been corrected -OR - after correcting an email address.

Preview This allows you to view the contents of the email.
Send Will allow you to change wthen the selected emails may be sent. You can elect send them:
  • now
  • ins30 minutes
  • in 1 hour,
  • in 4 hours,
  • in 12 hours
  • or one day later than the existing send date.
Mail Pref this will open the mail preference setting of the sender (or company preferences if its a company email) so that you can correct any incorrect password or SMTP settings.
Delete This allows you to view the delete the selected emails completely from the system as long as they are not part of a pledge reminder.
Print This allows you to print the selected rows and columns to the printer
Export Export the selected records in the list