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Test Drive the Demo

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Click here to take a look at the web module and its features. You will see a sample web site for a fictional arts or entertainment organization. None of the events are real.

When the sample web pages appear, click on the 'Online Sales' button on the side navigation bar to log in. Please keep in mind the following while you are playing with the demo:

  • The demo web site is an example of what a fully integrated web site could look like.
    • It contains the base web pages with only a basic colourization. The pages are designed so that your main web site developers can apply some style sheet changes and make it look like your current web site.
    • You can also look at some sample web sites where customers have take the sample pages above and altered their appearance for their own purposes.
    • The customization guide shows the latitude you would have to make or brand the web experience as your own. Our goal is that the web pages look like your company, not us.
  • You may wish to create an account for yourself. This will include your email address and password so that you can sign on again. Use your real email address so that you will see a sample email that can be sent back to confirm you've signed up and your purchase(s) (all these emails are customizable)
  • The rest of the information is meant to illustrate the data and processes that could be mandatory at any venue. (You can control this at your site - just as you do today)
  • Once you have signed in, you start building a shopping cart. Click on the buttons at the top to look at various items that are for sale. In this demo, shopping carts can contain:
    • tickets - we've allowed up to 10 in this demo - you can set this to be anything you want
    • donations - you determine the campaigns/funds you wish to make available
    • passes/gift certificates - you also determine which ones to sell
    • mailing fees
  • You can also sign up to belong to specific mail lists

Completing your sample shopping experience

  • When you are done buying what you want, you need to check out - just like at the grocery store. It will ask you for a credit card. The demo is configured so that it will accept various types of cards. If you want to test a checkout, use:
    • Visa #: 4242 4242 4242 4242.
    • CVV2 #: 123
    • Expiry: Use December of the current year or later
  • Some minor notes about the web site:
    • You may log in as often as you wish and see you past activity and shopping carts.
    • You can buy whatever you want and try to do anything you like.
    • We may restore the demo database back to its original state periodically (especially if you buy out the events) in which case any accounts you set up will be erased.
    • Any information entered into the demo web site is confidential.
      • We do not look at it -and-
      • will not contact you if you put your name into the demo.

If you would like to contact AMS (or for AMS to contact you), please visit the contact page and make a phone call or send the information request form. We'd be happy to tell you more about the most full featured CRM for arts, entertainment and sports organizations that exists.