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Gmail as a mail provider

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Free email providers come with limitations. Gmail is no exception and not recommended if you want to do a lot of eblasts or have high volume web sales.

WE RECOMMEND using a proper mail provider that will let you do what you want to - Mailgun is an option.

Gmail rate limits outgoing emails so make sure that you don't exceed it. If you do, emails from web services will be delayed and you need to manage your pending/unsent emails on an ongoing basis.
If you are using gmail as your provider, you may need to be aware of Google Apps SMTP settings to send mail from a printer, scanner, or app or use Application Passwords if using multi-factor authentication.
Also read about Google Bulk Sender Guildelines
There is also a setting that might need to be made to tell gmail to allow apps sending emails with less secure settings. (This is just Googles way of scaring you -- it isn't less secure -just google being google)