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Verify Email Error Log Daily

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The most common error is 10060 unable to contact server

This means your TM Server machines are unable to talk to your mail server. Thats usually the fault of your mail server or network. Please reset all emails to 'Not Done' and see if they will send. If they don't go eventually, contact your IT people or email provider and find out what the problem is on their end.

If emails dribble out slowly, it is even more likely to be rate limits at the ISP / Mail Server. Google Mail and Office 365 online accounts are particularly susceptible.

Read about Office 365 rate limits - if TM receives limit messages, it will automatically slow down sending emails for you. It may delay password requests etc, so it is better to use a proper mail server.

It is entirely possible that emails may not get sent to the user because of their own issue, or perhaps a system setup has changed.. Situations where this could happen include:
  1. your email server is not working at the current time (reboot it, or call your ISP)
  2. the email server is working, but you can't contact it (a rare situation - call your ISP)
  3. the customer typed in a goofy email address like (this is spelt wrong, but a patron is apt to do that).
  4. There is a valid domain for the email address, but the name is wrong. e.g. the patrons name is b smith but they typed or the email address is just plain wrong. (change the email to as best a guess as you have.

Under such circumstances, there is nothing that you can do to make the mail get sent without reviewing the error list and fixing the problem. This is similar to sending from your own personal outlook account ... you can get the same errors from outlook and so, by analogy, you would take the same action.

How to fix email addresses in Theatre Manager?

  • Use the menus to go to Patron Sales->Web Sales Module->Pending/Unsent Emails
  • Search for all pending emails
  • Look at the 'Error' message column. You can double click on the row to see a full transcript of the interaction between Theatre Manager and your email server. Based on the error message (as per the sample below), you may need to:
    1. change the patron's email address to correct it. You can pick one from the drop down, or go to the patron and add a new one or edit an existing one. Make sure it is their primary email address, or if the email address in this list is blank, set it as a primary email address.

      After fixing the patrons email address in the patron record, CHANGE the email address on the individual email and it will be resent using the new address.

    2. if emails do not send because your outgoing email credentials are wrong, then fix them in company preferences (Step 2 above)
    3. if you are getting SMTP: 550 Requested..... messages for most emails, see step 2 above
    4. if you are getting SMTP: 535 Incorrect authentication data yet test emails work, it is probably because you were sending test emails to someone inside the mail server, rather than outside. In that case make sure you email server allows relay from the inside of the network to the world.
  • After correcting the problem, change the status of all the emails from Error to Not Done using the tools on the window.
  • Alternately, if you can't figure out why a specific email will not sent, change the status to Done
  • The web sales listener will pick up all the Not Done messages and try to resend them after a few minutes.
it is advised to check this window frequently (daily is recommended).