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Check the Patron Email Address

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Sometimes, an email won't be sent because the user spelled their email address wrong when setting it up in Theatre Manager. If this is the case, send a test email to the patron from your email client program (eg. Apple Mail or Outlook). If they receive it, then make sure that the primary email address on the patron record matches what they just gave you.

If you notice that the email address is blank in the error log, it means that the primary email address may not have been set for some reason. To fix those:

  • Open the patron record
  • Go to the Contact Info tab
  • Click on an email address (there probably is only one, but if there is more, select the most appropriate one)
  • Click on the Set Primary button to set that email address as the primary address
  • You may also have to edit the employee's preferences (the gear on the main toolbar) and set the SMTP settings, password, authentication, etc as required

Be sure to check the error log daily.