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Check the email settings in Company Preference

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An email is not sent to anybody unless the SMTP server settings in Setup->Company Preferences are correct. i.e. this must specify
  • a valid email address
  • SMTP mail server
  • SMTP port on the mail server (generally 25)
  • login account
  • user id and password (if required)
  • the StartTLS/SMTPS settings
These settings are should be similar to those in your email program such as outlook, entourage, apple mail, web mail, or whatever email client you are using. The email address is generally the outgoing or Please decide on a generic email address for your venue as you do not want all rejected emails coming back to your personal account.

Once the settings are correct, use the 'Test Email' to send a test email from this account to yourself. Verify that the email was sent successfully at the bottom of the Company Preferences screen. If not, adjust the email server parameters until the email is sent successfully. If there is an error using the test email button, you will see the entire STMP dialog which should give you all the information needed to identify the issue.

If using gmail, you may need to use secure settings because Gmail is warning users if email comes over insecure servers and may not access email unless it is sent with TLS enabled.

In some cases, you will see errors like Unable to send email. SMTP: 550 ..... These typically mean that a setting needs adjusted on the SMTP server. Typical errors and actions are:

  • SMTP 535 - usually means that the password is incorrect.
  • SMTP 550 - usually means that the SMTP server will not allow relaying the email from the listener to the outside world. We see it most often with MS Exchange servers where somebody tightened down the security. This can be remedied by contacting your IT person, showing them the message and asking them to allow relay of emails from the listener to the outside. Alternatively, you may need to specify another SMTP server address
  • SMTP 5xx - For other SMTP errors, please read the entire message. This usually tells you why the email could not be sent. The mail box might not be reachable, or there may be no mailbox on the remote mail server for this user (eg: they changed or cancelled their email address).

Once Theatre Manager is able to send emails, then you should change emails in error to not done to send them.