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Adding a New Filter

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Calendar filters are used to describe how you want a particular calendar to look and the data you want to inlude in the calendar. To add a new filter, you perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Add button, or select Add from the right click context menu.

    The Edit Filter: (inserting) window opens.

  2. Enter a Filter Name. Filter Name is a mandatory field.

    This is the name of the filter that appears in the filter list.

  3. Enter a Description. The Description is a mandatory field.

    Enter a description that describes in a few words what the filter does. This way others will not create the same filter. You can also choose via the Public Filter checkbox if others can view and use the filter. If you disable the checkbox, the filter will not appear in others' filter lists.

  4. Only the Filter Owner or Administrators can edit a filter. If you want others to edit it as well, remove the owner; then anyone can edit it.
  5. You can set up the various pieces of the filter in the tabs on the window: Views, Tasks, Theatres, Volunteer Activities, Projects, Plays, and Query (currently unused). The Publish tab lets you set up the filter to be manually (and in the future, automatically) published as a shared calendar to the Internet.