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Pick Your Seat - what the Patron sees

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Select your own seats allows patrons to click on specific seats on a map online after an initial set of best seats has been selected by Theatre Manager. The process is designed for speed and flexibility for varying degrees of sales volumes. When the sales volume exceeds hundreds of sales per minute, obtaining seats through a pick-first process would be extremely difficult (can't click fast enough).

To ensure that patrons are satisfied, even in high volume scenarios, Theatre Manager uses the following process:

  • First, offer patrons tickets using the best seats process. (Patron is now guaranteed at least those tickets)
  • Then, allow patrons to spend as much time as they wish attempting to swap for seats more suited to their tastes, without losing their original seats.
  • Also, allow patrons to 'reposition' the best seats algorithm by swapping for seats in the desired area, and then finding new best seats near the desired area.

The images below indicate what the patron will see online:

  1. The patron finds the event in the usual manner and clicks the buy button.
  2. They are presented with the normal quick selection process where they can select a location, price, quantity of tickets and whether the seats must be together or can be apart.

    They then click the Find Best Seats to get a starting set of seats.

  3. Seats are offered to the patron. They can change prices for the selected tickets and add them to the cart as they normally would. Alternatively, if they wish to have different seats, they can:
    • Highlight:
      • other seats in the map to get the new seats - or -
      • existing seats in addition to new seats to get more seats - or -
      • fewer tickets
    • Click Swap for Selected Seats to change the tickets they are being offered -and-
    • Repeat the above process as often as they want
  4. When Add tickets To Cart is clicked, the most recent selection of seats in the top area is added to the cart.