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Ontario Face Value Requirements for Ticket Price

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On July 1, 2018, Ontario (Canada) introduced a law regarding the primary/secondary ticket market. While it has direct applicability to Ontario, it might also be of benefit to other locales.

  • The content of the 'Fave Value' of a ticket is set up in Company Preferences->Ticket Options
  • For e-tickets, the display of the face value is enabled in the Web Options Tab. if set, then print at home tickets and web carts will automatically show the face value along with final price.
  • There is a ticket face calculation (illustrated below) that calculates the Face Value for the ticket face prior to printing it. All you need to do is include it on your ticket faces. where desired

Adding Face Value field to a ticket face

  • add a new calculation to the ticket face
  • Select Ticket Information as the category
  • Select Sale Price (using Face Value calculation) to insert the field into the ticket face
  • Place the face value field where you want it on the ticket and save
  • Make sure to test your ticket
  • Repeat for all affected tickets.