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Ticket Face Detail Window

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The Ticket Face Detail window displays all of the information about a ticket.

Parts of the Ticket Face Detail Window

Inserts a new ticket face. For more information on creating new ticket faces click here.
Saves changes made to the current ticket face.
Creates a duplicate copy of the current ticket face.
Reverts changes made to the ticket face back to the last saved point.
Deletes the selected ticket face. For more information on deleting ticket faces click here.
Generates a report of the ticket faces to the screen or default print location.
Ticket Face# Unique number given to the ticket face by Theatre Manager
Outlet Outlet responsible for the ticket face.
Description Name of the ticket face, if it is for a ticket, receipt, renewal notice etc.
Code used to create the ticket face. For more information on the ticket face code tab click here.
Equations calculated prior to printing the ticket. For more information on the constants tab click here.
Additional options for ticket printing. For more information on the options tab click here.
Adds a line to the bottom of the ticket parameters and opens the Ticket Face Detail window. For more information on the Ticket Face Detail window click here.
Removes the currently selected lines from the ticket face.
Ticket DPI Conversion Allows the conversion of the row and column information to a different DPI.
Enables printing of a sample ticket to the printer. Ensure the printer is correctly set up in the options tab. This is designed to print a sample ticket with sample information. To see an actual ticket with correct information the ticket face number must be entered into the Plays and Dates information for a particular play. Sell tickets to a test patron account and print them as a final test of the ticket design.