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Accented Characters and Ticket Faces

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Tickets, whether they are being printed to a Practical Automation, BOCA, Datamax or other printer, utilize a programming language known as FGL (Friendly Ghost Language).

FGL will print some accented characters, however, it will only print in Font F13. Since Font F13 is generally impractical for text usage on an entire ticket face, and to allow clients to use the entire range of fonts provided by Practical Automation/BOCA printers, Theatre Manager strips accents before it sends the ticket data to the ticket printer.

In order to have accented characters appear on a ticket face, you will need to HARD CODE the accent onto the ticket face. For Example, to have Théatre appear on a ticket face,

  • Start by creating a new ticket face, or a duplicate of an exiting ticket face. This will allow you to continue using the original ticket face for your events that do not require any accented characters. For more information on designing ticket faces, please click here.
  • Make a line that says "Theatre" on the ticket face.
  • And a second line that says "`" (that's an accent).
  • Place the accent appropriately on the face so it appears over the e.

This will work for hard coded words, but not for database generated fields such as names.

So while Theatre Manager can print the accented é to a regular printer (for reports and such), it will not print to a ticket printer because of the print language used by the printer.

For Macintosh alternate keys (for non-ticket printing usage) click here.

For PC alternate keys (for non-ticket printing usage) click here.