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Font Rotation

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Rotation allows you to print information both horizontally along the ticket and vertically across on the ticket.

The options are:

  • NR (No Rotation) means no rotation and information is printed horizontally along the ticket face.
  • RL (Rotate 90+) means rotate the text clockwise (to the left) and print from the top to bottom.
  • RR (Rotate 90-) means rotate the text counter clockwise (to the right) and print from the bottom of the ticket to the top.
  • RU (Rotate 180) means print the text upside down on the ticket face.

Note: the row and column settings indicate where the text starts to print. If you are printing using the rotation RR from bottom to top, then you may wish to have a row that is near the bottom of the ticket (and vice versa for RL)