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Description Tab

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Parts of the Description Tab

External Name Name of the fee as it will appear on the internet or a ticket face.
Effective Unitl If there is a range of dates during which you want the fee to be applied, enter a start and ending date.

  • If a start date is provided but no end date, then the fee applies after the start date forever
  • If an end date is provided but no start date, then the fee applies from now until the end date is reached
Base Price Between Ordinarily, the fee will apply to any item in the shopping cart, regardless of price. however, if you want the fee to only apply to tickets (or donations or passes) that have a base price valued between $x.xx and $y.yy, then enter the range of prices. This allows you to structure non-refundable box office fees to vary, based on the price of the item.

Note: the price that is checked is the base price and all taxes, fees and discounts are ignored when evaluating if the fee is valid or not.

This might be beneficial use of fees for Road House style venues.

G/L Account General ledger account to apply this fee to - which is normally an income account
Search button to access a list of G/L accounts.
Statistics Fee will be included in the patron statistics.
Automatic Fee will be added to the order automatically based on the edit controls in the edits tab. Some fees cannot be marked as 'auto-add':
  • Any fee that is associated with mailing fee, print at home fee, or will call fee which are set in company preferences. These are managed by the system automatically
  • Any fee that is part of a payment rounding fee. These are managed by the system and set in code tables for payment methods (typically cash)
  • Any fee that is part of a pre access code