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Project Tasks Tab

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On the Tasks tab, you can see all tasks associated with this project. You can also add/edit and delete tasks from here.

You can drag a task from the calendar or from another task list to this project window. If the task is already part of another project, you will be asked if the task should be moved and the previous transactions reversed.


Status Indicates the status of the task. statuses are:

  • done
  • do later
  • past due
Task # The task number as displayed in the task # field of the Task window
Status Status of the task - Done, Not Done, In Progress, Cancelled
Begin / End Date Dates as entered in the Task Detail window
Description Name that shows in the resource list and elsewhere in Theatre Manager
Duration The duration of the project is indicated (but cannot be edited). A duration of 1w 5d 10h 30m would indicate an elapsed time of 1 week, 5 days, 10 hours, 30 minutes.
Task Sub-Type
Event / Play # Displays the Event / Play number if one has been assigned to the task.
Project # Displays the Project number of the Project
Event / Play Title Displays the title of the Event / Play number if one has been assigned to the task.
Event Code Displays the Event / Playcode, if one has been assigned to the task.
Performance #, Event #, Date, Time These columns display the Performance Number date and times, if one has been assigned to the task
Estimate Estimate of the costs of the task if any costs are associated with the task
Resource Cost The replacement cost per unit of the resource
Complete Indicates if the task has been completed
Clicking 'insert' to add a new task has the following behaviour:
  • If the task is not associated with an order, then you get an empty task window to enter a new task
  • If the task is associated with an order, then you will be asked to select from a pop up menu (to the right) to pick from:
    • Entering a brand new task
    • Selecting one or more tasks already associated with the patron to quickly add them to the project. This makes it easy to add existing task to a new project. You can still drag them from the patron task window to the project task window; this makes it easier
Opens the Task Detail window for the highlighted task.
This provides a popup like the one on the right that will ask you if you want to:
  • Remove the task from the project. That means the task will NOT be deleted. It will just no longer be associated with the project. You can find the task under the patrons, donation, calendar or whatever it was connected to before - just not the project. You can also associate the task with another project later if you wish.
  • Completely delete the task. This will delete the task, any relationships with other tasks, the patrons who are part of the task, any resources, and such that are part of the task.
Description You can search for a number of items within most task lists using the various variables to the right.