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Project Description Tab

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On the Facility Management Project Description tab, enter the general information about the project.

Project Status

Billing Status A project has 3 main billing stages:
  • Estimate: values are NOT in the accounting system. estimates are printed (each task can have an estimate)
  • Invoice: values ARE in the accounting system and transactions are created. Actual values in each task are printed in the invoice
  • Cancelled: Values are REVERSED from the accounting system (if they made it there in the first place).
Refer to a more detailed description of project billing status
Start Date The Start Date is the date the project starts. This will change as the project progresses, based on the tasks in the projects.

To change the start date, click the Date button.

Note: The start dates and end dates cannot be changed after posting to the GL (except by changing the project plan) since that affect deferred revenues to the Project.

End Date The end date will be modified as well as tasks are added.
Duration The duration of the project is indicated (but cannot be edited). A duration of 1w 5d 10h 30m would indicate an elapsed time of 1 week, 5 days, 10 hours, 30 minutes.
Completion When a project has been completed, its completion date is filled in for you.
Status Status displays the current status of the project.
  • Once the last task on the project is marked as Done or Cancelled, the project status is automatically marked as Done.
  • Conversely, if the project is marked as Done, all attached tasks that are not already marked as Cancelled are automatically marked as Done.

To change the Status, click the Status Drop down.

Priority You can set a Priority for the project. (0 is considered "No Priority".) This is the default priority given to any tasks associated with this project.
Project Colour You can select a specific colour from the Project colour pallete to override the standard colour of a task associated with this project in the calendar.

Defaults for Tasks in the Project

A project can contain a number of tasks within it. These tasks contain costs, activities, venues, events / plays and/or employees with primary responsibility. Any settings made here will be the defaults for all new tasks that are created. With some items, filling in one field will default others to an appropriate value. For example, entering a performance will automatically enter the event / play for that performance and its theatre / venue.

Owner The person who "owns" the project.

To change the Employee, click the button.

Play To add or change an event / play, click the button.
Performance To add or change a performance, click the button.
Theatre To add or change a venue, click the button.

Project Notes

Access Define the access that people have to the project
Notes Any general notes you want about the project.