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Billing in a Project

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When you create a project, one of the first things you choose is the Billing type on the Project Window.

There are 3 billing types you can select. These are:

  • Estimate (default) - Estimated amounts will be used and printed while billing is set to estimate. The project itself can have an estimate, or if you enter estimates on the individual tasks, those estimates are used instead.
  • Invoice - the project will begin creating transactions that will appear in end of day for posting to the G/L.
  • Cancelled - If "Cancelled" is selected, all existing transactions are reversed and running end of day will cause reversing G/L entries to be created.

On the Project Detail Accounting tab, the Actuals and Costs areas are calculated based on the tasks associated with the project and the resources and volunteers associated with each task. The project window just shows the roll-up of all the individual task windows.