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Sort Window

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When printing multiple records into a table on a document, it may be helpful to specify the sort order of the data so that it appears in the order you want. You can specify up to 9 sort fields.

For example, you may want to display:

  • the oldest to newest donation within a campaign
  • all the tickets for a performance date together
  • volunteer activities for a patron in the order that you want them to come to the venue

If you do not sort the data in a table, it will appear in a random order.- which may be ok.

Form letters that are templates cannot have sort fields - since they are only templates.
The current sort order of a letter is displayed on the form letter merge window for your convenience.


Parts of the Sort Tab

If available, uses the default search criteria for this report.
If this Letter has previously been merged, this button adds the previous criteria.
Opens a list of saved criteria for this report.
Saves the current criteria to be used later.
Saves the current criteria to be used later and opens a dialog to name this criteria.
Available Sort Fields A list of fields available to sort your Row Field elements by, if a row field is used on the form letter.
Adds the currently selected field to the sort field list on the Right.
Removes the currently selected field from the sort field list.
Selected Sort Fields The fields currently used for sorting the data within a Row Field. There is a limit of nine sort fields to sort the list by.
Sort In Descending Order When checked, the currently selected sort field will sort in descending order.
Upper Case Conversion When checked, the currently selected sort field will be converted to upper case letters.
Cancels that adding of criteria and returns the user to the Merge window.
Completes the addition of criteria and the sorting of data, and begins to generate the merge.