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Tracking Success of the Eblast

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There are a few places where you can view correspondence that has been setup or sent to a patron. When viewing correspondence history, you can use the icons to see the state of the letter.

In the first example, the email has not been sent yet.

When it is sent, the target icon changes to a checkmark. For e-blasts, a third icon appears that looks like an email with a red 'x' in it. This means that the email has gone out, but:

  • the patron has not yet opened it.
  • the patron deleted it before reading it
  • the email could have been put into their spam folder and they didn't see it
  • the patron specifically blocks images from displaying on their email client (or their email client is old enough that it only dispalys the text version and does not display images
  • the email was not delivered to the person for some unknown reason

When the patron opens it, the image in the eblast appears and is retrieved from the second generation server. That tells Theatre Manager that the patron is viewing what you sent them. The third icon will now have a green '+' in it., indicating it has been read.

If you double click on any email, you can see when the email was 'read on' (opened) by the user. Since this is a column in the database, you can see how long it takes for people to read the email after sending.