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New Form Letter Window

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The Form Letter Info Window opens when a new Form Letter is created, or by pressing the Info button on the Form Letter Window.

Parts of the Form Letter Info Window

Form Letter Details

Name File name of the Form Letter
Email Subject The email subject heading if the form letter is designed to be emailed to patrons
Folder The Form Letter Folder where the letter will be saved

The type of data that can be contained within the letter. Refer to file selection for mail lists for additional assistance as the merge fields on a letter follow the same principles as the search criteria on mail lists or reports.
Active Indicates if the displayed Letter is active or not
Cover Letter on Invoice Emails or emailing tickets When checked:
Retain all history for letter Cannot automatically remove any form letters from a patron's letter tab during any purge process set up in system preferences

Template Options

Base Template A template form letter containing some base content or formatting that will be automatically included in creating this letter. An example of a template might be a letterhead. The default 'Normal' template usually has nothing other than an empty page.
Save as template The current letter will be saved as a template to be used for future letters
Cancels the new letter if the letter has not been saved, or cancels the changes to the letter info
Sets the info for the letter. The letter must be saved also to save all changes.