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Adding a Merge Field

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These steps indicate how to add an individual field. Afterwards, you can make calculated fields with a few additional steps.

When creating a Form Letter, the purpose is typically to pull data from Theatre Manager automatically so that letters or e-mails can be sent to patrons. To do this, database fields are placed in a generic Form Letter.

  1. In the Form Letter window, place the cursor in the position that the database field is to be located.

  2. Right-click to open the Context menu and go to the Insert Data Base Field option.

    A list of database categories will appear. For more information about the Context menu click here.

  3. Select the category that the database field resides under.

    A sub-menu will open showing all of the database fields that reside in the category.

  4. Click on the field to be used in the letter.

    The field will now appear in the letter.

  5. Repeat these steps for all merge fields that need to be entered.

    If a wrong field is selected, simply click on the merge field in the letter and press the DELETE key on the keyboard.