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Formatting a Merge Field

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You can double click on any merge field that you want and change some of its formatting characteristics.

Most options may be self explanatory as they format the field by date, currency, etc.

The Consolidate option has an important meaning depending on the option picked when actually merging letters.

If the data field is in a row field table, each record will appear individually. If the field is OUTSIDE the row field, then the use of Consolidate has the following effect:

  • No Consolidating: The FIRST record found in the sort order appears in the non-table fields area. This can be used to advantage such as to show the 'last' event purchased along with tickets --or-- the most recent amount given along with the total given.
  • Consolidating: anything you are totalling, averaging or using minimum or maximum causes the field to appear 'orange'. It will be consolidated according to the total, average, maximum or minimum.