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Insert Row Field Window

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The Row Field menu item is used for inserting a table with data fields into the letter. This table consists of columns of data fields to present a list of information. This is typically used in form letters to list things like the examples below:

  • tickets that have been purchased for an order, subscription or what have you.
  • donations that have been made for a year, a specific campaign, or part of an ongoing-never ending donation
  • volunteer of staff activity assignments for an upcoming period of time
  • a notice of gift certificates that are still active, available and assigned to a patron so that they can redeem them
  • or anything else where you want a list of some data on the form letter.

Row fields can have:

  • Multiple columns of data from related records in the database
  • Column headers
  • Detail rows containing the data for each column
  • Subtotals, averages, max and minimum on rows that are numeric
  • Separate subtotals, averages, etc outside the row field


Sample of Row Field In a Form Letter


Sample of empty Row Field


Parts of the Insert Row Field Window

Headers & Footers

Create a header row Creates a header row for the table listing the fields that are used.
Bold Sets the header row in bold typeface.
Fill Color Allows changing the color of the header row background.
Create a footer row Creates a footer row for the table. The footer row typically contains sub-totals of the information in the table.
Bold Sets the footer row in a bold typeface.
Fill Color Allows changing the color of the footer row background.


Adds another row field to the table.
Deletes the row field from the table.
Moves the placement of the row field up. This will place the column farther left in the table.
Moves the placement of the row field down. This will place the column farther right in the table.
Database Field The database field to be used as a column header.
Displays a drop-down menu to allow the lookup of database fields.
Column Header Allows a description to be entered as the column header rather than using the database field.
Total When checked, the total will be displayed for this field instead.
Cancels the current operation. Closes the window and performs no action.
Performs the current operation. This will add the table to the letter.


Sample of row field for some ticket data

The example below shows a row field containing some ticket data. Refer to creating a ticket example for more information.