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Insert Menu

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The Insert menu is used for inserting special objects into the letter. An example of these objects would be hyperlinks or tables.

Page Break Inserts a page break into the letter. A page break will force any text following the page break to start on a new page.
Hyperlink Inserts a hyperlink into the letter. A hyperlink is typically used to create a clickable link to a web URL.
Create Custom Field Inserts a custom field into the letter. These are specialty fields that are not found within the standard Theatre Manager merge fields. For more information on inserting custom fields click here.
Text Box Inserts a Text Box into the letter. The text box is typically used to create a section of text that is movable in the letter.
Table Opens the Insert Table window. Tables are used to format text into rows and columns. For more information on inserting tables click here.
Row Field Opens the Insert Row Fields window. Row Fields are used to insert data in table format into the letter. This would typically be used to display a list of tickets or donations. For more information on inserting row fields click here.