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Insert Custom Field Window

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The Create Custom Field Menu is a sublevel of the Insert Menu under Form Letters. The Create Custom Field Menu allows for the creation of custom fields to be added to a letter using selected text.

Custom fields are different than calculated fields in a document. A custom field is used for conditional documents and paragraphs. In some cases, they can be built from any text, fields or calculated fields.

Parts of the Insert Custom Field

Display Options

Name Enter a name for the custom field.
Description Enter a description of what the custom field does.

Evaluation Options

Strip empty lines from result When checked, Theatre Manger will remove any empty lines from the data returned.
Multi row field, evaluate for each record When checked, Theatre Manager will remove any empty lines from the data returned, and check on a line by line basis.

Insert Options

Make available to other users Makes the custom field available to other users.
Insert as text box Inserts the custom field as a text box.
Cancels the current operation. Closes the window and performs no action.
Performs the current operation. This will add or alter the custom field that has been created.