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Setting Sending and Routing Options

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The Merge Form Letter Window opens.

For more information about the Merge Letter Window, click here.

  1. Make the following selections appropriate to your needs.
    Duplicates Set the radio buttons to reflect the type of letter output you'd like for your mailing. Choices are:
    • One per receipt - there will be one letter for each receipt in the record.
    • One per patron - Patron receives just one mailing and the Receipt data in the letter is ignored. While this will limit the number of letters to a single patron, several patrons in the same household could receive letters.
    • Consolidate tickets (Patron) - the receipt data is consolidated into a table (rather than being ignored) and each patron will receive one letter based on that table of receipts. Several patrons in the same household could receive letters.
    • Consolidate tickets (Household) - Generates one single letter for the primary household patron. This is the method to ensure one letter or mailing for each household
    Routing Set the routing for your letter to - Print or Email. If you choose Email, you can then choose "If no email address", then either Ignore or Print the letter.
    Unsubscribe If you are sending emails to people, you may want to include a mail list that will be used to track unsubscribes. This mail list can be:
    • the main mail list used to find patrons to send the emails to
    • one of your other mail lists whose main function is simply to track unsubscribes. This could be used in the future to eliminate people who have declined receiving emails
    • a default mail list specified for the letter - which you can change if to want
    Anybody who unsubscribes would be clearly marked the specified mail list. and you could use one of the search functions to eliminate them from future mailings.

    You do not have to provide an unsubscribe mail list when e-blasting. For example, you:

    • WOULD NOT use an unsubscribe mail list if you were sending out an advisory about the event coming up that people have already purchased tickets for - or a quick eblast to board members.
    • WOULD likely use an unsubscribe mail list if it was a marketing newsletter.
    You can see all emails associated with this mail list in the email tab on the mail list window
  2. Click the Merge button when you see the list has been narrowed down.