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Setup for Unsubscribe Management

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If you are e-blasting a form letter and do not provide an unsubscribe mail list, you will see a message similar to the below.

If a mail list is set as default for the form letter, it will appear here automatically. You can:

  • Clear it if you do not want to have an unsubscribe link on the eblast
  • Change it if you want to use a different mail list to track unsubscribes
  • Enter it if there is no default and you want to track unsubscribes for this eblast only

You do not need an unsubscribe mail list when emailing. CASL (Canada's Anti Spam Law) generally defines consent as:
  • Explicit Consent - where you asked the patron beforehand how you might contact them. In Theatre Manager you might have used a double opt-in mail list to identify people for this e-blast.

    Since these e-blasts are typically of a marketing nature, you probably should include an unsubscribe option

  • Implied consent occurs if a client initiated activity with you and you have up to two years to contact them via email.

    For example, if you are sending an email about tickets that people bought, it is part of the original transaction transaction and you have implicit consent to send people follow up information about the tickets or performance.

    In such a case, you would NOT use an unsubscribe mail List

Requirements for unsubscribe link

There are two requirements to make an eblast unsubscribable:

Note: when the the letter is being printed, the unsubscribe wording does not appear on the form letter