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Merging letters but not printing Them

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Sometimes you want to to have a letter added to a number of patron records but never print the letters - if you have done a letter merge or eblast external to theatre manager.
If you make a mistake in the merge, instead of setting the status to done, just find the letters as per step 2 and delete them on the same window.

There are two steps to do so:

  1. Merge the letters as you normally would and set the print date to be some time in the future.

    We recommend a date that is around the date of printing you want to appear on the patron record, such as a couple of days from the current date.

    In the example, it shows a date that is many years away - it is best to choose a date in the next couple of days.

  2. Then, in the Form Letter->Tasks->Letter/Email Recipient list:
    • Find all letters using Date Required with the above date on it.
    • Make sure that they are the letters you just merged. Verify the name of the letter, the date and the requestor - so that you don't pick up another employees future letters.
    • Select them all
    • Right Click, and set the status to done.