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Previewing a Form Letter

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The preview window allows most of the features of the Form Letter window and is designed to quickly preview and/or customize a letter specific to the patron prior to sending it out.

Parts of the Form Letter Preview Window

Saves the custom changes to the merged Form Letter specific to the patron.
Reverts to the last saved version of the letter.
Prints the current Form Letter. Click here for more information on printing Form Letters.
Checks the spelling of the current letter.
Exports the letter as an RTF document to be opened in another application. Click here for more information on exporting a Form Letter.
Formatting Pallette The fomatting pallette allows easy access to many common word processing functions. For more information on this feature, click here.
Context Menu The Context Menu, also known as the right-click menu allows for adding new fields and making other adjustments to the letter. For more information about using this menu, click here.