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The Formatting Palette

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The Formatting Pallete is on the left of each Form Letter Window to allow easy access to common word processor features. A number of these options are also available in:

Parts of the Formatting Pallette


Style Templates for font styles. A style may be applied to text to change its formatting. Drop down the menu to change the style.
Name Name of the current font. Drop down the menu to change the font.
Size Size of the current font. Drop down the menu to change the size.
Color Color of the font. Drop down the menu to view the color picker.
Face Affects the special format of the text. This allows for Bold, Italic, Underlined, Superscript and Subscript text.
Lists Inserts a list into the current text. The list can be in numbered or bulletted format. The list can also be indented or outdented.

Alignment and Spacing

Horizontal Changes the horizontal alignment of the text to either Left, Center, Right or Justified.
Line Spacing Changes the spacing between lines to 1 line, 1.5 lines or 2 lines.

Paragraph Spacing

Before Changes the spacing between a new paragraph and the preceding paragraph.
After Changes the spacing after a paragraph and before the following paragraph.


Left Changes the indenation of text on the left side.
Right Changes the indentation of text on the right side.
First Changes the indentation for the first line of a paragraph.



Top Changes the size of the Top margin of the document.
Left Changes the size of the Left margin of the document.
Right Changes the size of the Right margin of the document.
Bottom Changes the size of the Bottom margin of the document.


Layout Changes the Layout View of the document between:
  • Normal - which shows text flow without the borders and header locations showing
  • Page Layout - similar to normal, and shows page borders dependant on the size of the document.
  • Window Width - which expands the document to the width of the window which can be used for pure text entry.
Also on the View Menu
100% You can set the zoom in/out of the document view.
Show The first button will turn on the rulers and the second button will change the rulers from inches to centimetres.

Also on the View Menu

Show Paragraph the show paragraph icon will show the hidden text markers like tabs, paragraph markers and other invisible non-breaking spacing characters
Paper Colour Drop down menu allows for changing the color of the paper via a color picker.
Paper Size Opens a window that lets you set some page size characteristics based on common paper sizes, or ones that you might want to customize.

This also available on the context menu and the Format Menu

Headers & Footers

Different Check for different Odd and Eve and/or Different first page headers and footers
Margins Define the margins for the headers and footers