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Merchant Profiles Customer List

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The Merchant Profiles List can be used to review the customer profiles created and located on your merchant provider's secure PCI servers. This list can also be narrowed to only patrons on a specific grouping by using select criteria. This window is only visible to an employee if they have been granted access under Employee Setup.

Merchant Profiles List Buttons

Opens the Merchant Profile Detail window for the selected profile. Click here for more information about the profile detail window.
Deletes the merchant profile. Click here for more information on deleting profiles.
Prints a report the of the profiles in the merchant profile list to screen or default print location.
Exports the data from the merchant profiles list into a tab delimited format and saves it to a selected location.
Opens the Patron record for the selected patron.

Parts of the Merchant Profiles List Window

Patron # The unique identifier for this patron account.
Type Type of Patron account.
First Name The first name of the patron.
Last Name The last name of the patron.
Company The company that the patron works for.
Profile # The company that the patron works for.
Credit Card The credit card number.
Expiry Date Date the card will expire.
Name on Card Name printed on the credit card used for added security when processing the card.
Active The state of the card and if it can be selected to process credit card transactions. Expired, lost or stolen cards can be set to an inactive state.
Blacklisted Indicates if this credit card is blacklisted for this patron. If blacklisted, the patron cannot use the card again unless this card is reset.
Merchant # The unique identifier for this merchant account.
Merchant Description The internal description to identify the merchant account.

Accessing the Merchant Profiles Customer List

There are a few ways to access the customer payment profiles, depending on the end result.

To view all merchant profiles created for a specific merchant:

  1. Open the Merchant List window.
  2. Edit the merchant account.
  3. Click the Profiles tab.
  4. Click the Manage Profiles button.

To view all merchant profiles for a specific patron:

  1. Open the Patron Window.
  2. Click on the Credit Card Tab.
  3. Right-mouse-click on the patron's credit card list within the patron window.
  4. Select "Merchant Profiles" from the context pop-up menu.

To view merchant profiles for a specific patron while making a payment:

  1. Open the Payment Window for an order.
  2. Choose a credit card payment method from the list of payment options.
  3. Click on the Credit Card Lookup button.