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Course Tab

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Report Cards

On the right side of the Courses Tab, Report Cards issued for a Course are displayed. For more information about Report Cards, click here.


Class dates

On the left side of the Courses Tab, Class Dates and information are displayed.

  • If a Course has been set up, but does not have any transactions associated, you can alter settings in the Course Tab to remove sessions of the course using the Remove button.
  • Sessions of a Course can be set as active or not active via the checkbox next to their entry on the Courses Tab.
  • Class dates and times can be changed by:
    • double clicking on a class date
    • changing the appropriate fields window that opens
    • you can change dates even after sales have occurred as it will simply move the class time. This might be useful for 'snow days', 'hurricane moments', 'public holidays' or any other cancellation (see example below)
    • You can also tell Theatre Manager if individual reminders for each class are to be sent to the patron
  • If your organization wants to alter the value of Performance Field #1 for a class within a Course, you can make that change here.
  • If one or more classes for the Course take place in an Alternate Venue, you can change that. For example, a couple of classes could be in the rehearsal hall, some could be offsite at a school. If attendees or instructors have synced their purchase calendar to their devices, they will see the locations.
  • Using an alternate venue will not affect the quantity of seats available for sale.

    It only affects where you tell the instructor or students where to meet for that particular class - and shows in your facility management calendars.

    The performance runs from and through dates are automatically calculated as follows:
    • For the primary class that is being sold, it is the beginning of the class through the end of the LAST CLASS
    • For each of the other classes, the run time is simply the start of the class to the end of the class, based on the duration of each class.
    Optionally, you can change either the entire class range, or each individual class length by double clicking on the class and editing the runs though time. See image below.