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Online Event/Course Management

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You can allow course instructors to manage some aspects of the student's attendance or front of house staff to manage guest arrival to an event via the online, depending on settings in code tables

This can include:

  • Setting Attendance for the students in each class of the course
  • Setting Attendance for the guests arrival for an event
  • Adding new patron to the class if you have previously been their instructor. This also means that a first time attendee must be added at the box office - to provide some control over student/teacher setup process
  • refund patron and remove them from the class or event
  • Reschedule the class in entirety
  • add an extra class

What can this be used for?

This feature was intended to support various things like:

  • Instructors taking attendance at the beginning of the class via a tablet and immediately tracking it in the database. eg did the ballet dancers or swimmers in a course come to the class. Or, did the conference participant attend a session?
  • Instructors adding late registrants to a course they are teaching (if they taught them before)
  • Instructors of personalized sports/fitness sessions being able to add registrants and use passes to pay for the session (if they have thought them before)
  • Instructors being able to reschedule the class or add an additional one
  • This feature is not just for instructors of courses or classes. It can be used to manage events to check in guests to a gala/special event, seminars, small member, or donor events where a guest list is used to greet guests as they arrive.