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Manage Attendance in a Course

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Taking attendance for a course requires some prior setup/permissions before it can be done via a tablet or computer
The list of absence reasons are defined in the attendance reasons code table.


Steps for Managing Attendance

  1. The instructor must log in to the the ticketing site ( and go to the home page. If they are allowed to manage classes, they will see Manage Play/Courses in their Patron Services area.

    It is permissible to bookmark the link to manage performances - and it may involve a login to proceed.

  2. This will show a list of upcoming courses that they are allowed to manage as an instructor. They can select the course that they want to Manage and set the attendance for.

  3. The instructor will see a list of attendees. To change the attendance status of the student, click the Attending button beside their name.

  4. The Instructor
    • will see a list of absence reasons, and
    • can select one as the reason for missing the class, and
    • click the Set Reason for Absence to mark the student absent

    If a student is marked absent and they should be present, you can use these steps to clear the absence reason.

  5. After adding the attendance reason, the list of registrants will change to show why the Student is not able to attend.