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Adding A Student to a Class

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The instructor can add a student to their own class online using the following process and subject to a few conditions:
  • The class must have already been set up and in the future
  • The instructor must have already taught the student in the past

Steps for adding a student online

  1. The instructor must log in to the online portal and ho to the home page. If they are allowed to manage classes, they will see Manage Play/Courses in their Patron Services area.

    It is permissible to bookmark the link to manage performances - and it may involve a login to proceed.

  2. This will show a list of upcoming courses that they are allowed to manage as an instructor. They can select the course that they want to Manage and add a student to.

  3. To add a new student, click the Add Attendee button.

  4. A search window will appear. The instructor will need to:
    • type some portion of the students name to find the patron in the database
    • click the search button, and
    • select the person from the list of those previously taught and click Select Price and Payment
  5. The instructor will be asked to Select a pass/gift certificate that will pay for the registration. The passes must be valid and belong to the patron. There is an option to place the registration On Account This feature can be disabled by editing the web pages.

    Note that any notes particular to the pass type are shown - which means you can place some rules for the instructor if you wish.

  6. After picking the pass to pay for the registration, the Instructor will need to confirm via the Pay With Pass ... button

  7. After confirming payment, the Instructor will then see the student as part of the class roster - and they can take attendance if they wish - using the active attendance reasons in code tables