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Selling a Course (helpful hints)

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Selling a Course to a patron, is the same as selling a ticket. For Courses created as a series of classes, buying the Course gives the patron a seat in each of the classes.

Courses created as individual events must be bought separately, just like any other event.

Quick Reference information on buying a Ticket, click on the icon to launch the pdf or screencast.

Quick Reference Guide


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To sell a course to a patron, you perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Patron button in the main Theatre Manager toolbar / ribbon bar.

    The Contact List window opens.

  2. Find the patron you are buying the course for in the contact list.

    Single Click on the patron in the list to highlight. For more information on finding patrons click here.

  3. Open the patron window and click the Tickets button in the Tickets tab.

    The Order Window opens.

  4. Select the course(s) the patron would like to buy tickets for.

    Click here to learn how to search for performances.

    To select a single course double click on it.

  5. Click the Seat Selection tab.

    The Seat Selection window opens.

    The course registration window to allows selection of any household member as the participant in the course rather than having to sell the course and make the change in the main patron ticket list. In a household with one or more parents and one or more children, this should be a convenient shortcut.

  6. Enter the Quantity to sell as 1.
  7. For Attendee, use the drop down list to select the appropriate attendee.

  8. Click the Reserve button.

    To add other Attendees, you:

    • Enter the Quantity to sell as 1.
    • For Attendee, use the drop down list to select the appropriate attendee.

    • Click the Reserve button.

    Continue until you have selected all the Attendees.

  9. When you have completed adding attendees, click the Payment button.

    The Order Payment window opens.

  10. Make the payment.
  11. The ticket tab of the patron window displays the courses purchased for the household member.