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Selecting Performances

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Performances are displayed in the Performance Selection tab of the Order window. Once a patron is selected and the buy button clicked, the performances to be purchased can be selected. To learn more about searching for performances click here.

  1. Select a performance by single clicking on it.

  2. Click the Add Play button.

    The performance will move to the basket in the lower portion of the screen and is selected for purchasing. Repeat the above steps as needed to add more performances. You can also double click on a single performance to add it to your basket.

    To refer back to selecting multiple performances click here Step #4.

  3. Click the Seat Selection to choose seats.

Performance Selection Buttons

Transfers an order for one patron to another. For more information on Transferring orders click here.
Adds a performance to the basket for purchasing.
Removes a select performance from the basket.
Removes all performances in the basket.
Displays the sales notes for a selected event. For information on adding sales notes click here.
Opens the Seat Selection tab. For more information on selecting tickets in a Graphic Maps click here or for Festival Seating click here.
Releases held seats for the selected performance.

Creates a new performance. For information on creating new performances click here.