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Refunding a Partial Amount for a Course

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Sometimes you need to refund part of the course tuition after it has been sold to a patron. The reasons could vary, such as:
  • The patron could drop out and want a refund
  • You could cancel it midsession because the instructor needed an extended leave

Once the course has commenced, completely refunding it means you lose knowledge that the patron started the course.

Instead, we want to create a way to retain attendance info, yet refund all or part of the tuition.

Setup of a Fee to Refunding part of the Tuition

The first step is to create a new ticket fee that accepts negative values and make sure the employee permission is set if the refund amount is variable.

Note: when setting up the fee, make sure to talk to your accountant about the proper account for tracking purposes.


Steps to Refund part of the Course Cost

  1. Find the ticket for the course you want to refund tuition to
    • highlight it in the ticket list
    • Click the Tickets button at the bottom left of the patron screen
    • Pick Add tickets to order - even though we will not add tickets to the order, this sets us up to merely modify it

  2. On the order window
    • Click the Fees Button
    • Click the New button to add a new fee
    • Select the fee called Tuition Refund
    • Enter the amount amount you want to refund tuition by
  3. Click the Payments Button
    • Enter the refund method
    • The amount to refund should be the same as the negative fee you added
    • Enter card details, if refunding by card
    • Click Refund Payment