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Web Permissions for Personnel Activity

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This feature is designed to work in conjunction with the Web Services to give a Staff member/volunteer to accomplish various tasks within the web module.

The permissions will allow the employee managing a course/class to set attendance, add participants on the fly, refund a class, reschedule a class or add a new class.

If this activity code is associated with the person for a particular event, the following indicates what they can do online. The employee/volunteer will need to pull up the event/performance online in a web browser.

Permission Meaning
View performance Revenue Allows the volunteer to view performance revenue for the event that they are assigned to
Set attendance This means that the employee/volunteer can set or clear attendance reasons for the patron for each class or event using a tablet or computer. This is not meant for high volume attendance tracking - more for courses and really small events.
Add (sell to) patrons If enabled, the employee/volunteer can add NEW patrons to the course. It is designed for those kinds of classes where people can just show up - and then be enrolled by the instructor.
Remove (refund) patrons If enabled, the employee/volunteer can remove people from the course/class and issue a refund to the patron in form of a credit (eg pass/gift certificate).
Reschedule performance Allows the employee/volunteer to change the date and time of a class within the course
Duplicate performance Allows the employee/volunteer to add extra classes to the course.