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Web Permissions for Personnel Activity

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This feature is designed to work in conjunction with the Web Services to give a permission Staff member/volunteer to accomplish various tasks within the web module -AND/OR- Producers (regular Patrons) the ability to see and export sales and attendance information.

The permissions will allow:

If this activity code is associated with the person for a particular event, the following indicates what they can do online. The employee/volunteer will need to pull up the event/performance online in a web browser.

Permission Meaning
View performance Revenue Allows the Producer or Promoter of an event to view performance revenue for the event that they are assigned to
View attendance This means that the Volunteer/Employee/Promoter can view the patron information for people who have purchased to the event o the course.
Set attendance This means that the employee/volunteer can set or clear attendance reasons for the patron for each class or event using a tablet or computer. This is not meant for high volume attendance tracking - more for courses and really small events.
Add (sell to) patrons If enabled, the employee/volunteer can add NEW patrons to the course. It is designed for those kinds of classes where people can just show up - and then be enrolled by the instructor.
Remove (refund) patrons If enabled, the employee/volunteer can remove people from the course/class and issue a refund to the patron in form of a credit (eg pass/gift certificate).
Reschedule performance Allows the employee/volunteer to change the date and time of a class within the course
Duplicate performance Allows the employee/volunteer to add extra classes to the course.