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Running Theatre Manager Installer

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This step may only be necessary for your existing workstation(s) if those workstations are running a prior version of Theatre Manager that is different than the version that was downloaded in the previous step. You may also encounter a failure to launch Theatre Manager if you are upgrading Theatre Manager on a Windows 7 workstation. See below.

Before doing any upgrade, please:

  • make a backup of your database
  • make a backup your web pages if the upgrade notice indicates that some web pages changes are mandatory.
  • download the OSX, Windows (or both) installers to one workstation
  • quit Theatre Manager on all other workstations, including any web listeners

For Windows computers For OSX computers
  • If you have not done so, download the latest version of Theatre Manager and save it to your desktop. Some borwsers will automatically put the file in the 'downloads' folder.
  • Extract the Theatre Manager zip file (if OSX did not automatically extract it)
  • Double click on the installer "Theatre Manager" to install Theatre Manager an follow the install instructions for OSX

After installing Theatre Manager

  • Start Theatre Manager
  • If required, follow the prompts to upgrade the database
  • After logging in on the main workstation, log back in any other workstations and web listeners
Once theatre manager is started, it will compress the part of Theatre Manager into the database. Each user that starts after that will automatically receive the latest version. This is a 'push install' from your server and is very automatic.

Some updates may have major underlying changes to various components of the application. These updates require that the entire copy of Theatre Manager be installed at each workstation. We endeavor to minimize the number of 'walk-around' installs. It is not always possible.

Reverting to an old version

If you desire to revert to an older version of Theatre Manager, you can restore the database backup, the webpages backup, and reinstall the prior version of Theatre Manager.