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Transaction History - Detail Window

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Displays the information about the transaction selected in the Transaction History window.

The parts of the window are:

Toolbar / Ribbon Bar

Help - Opens the online help.
Duplicate - Duplicates and Reverses the transaction to create an offsetting entry
Delete - Unavailable
Patron - show the patron this transaction belongs to. Opens the Patron record for the patron associated with the transaction.
GL Entry - Show the GL Entry  containing this transaction if it has been posted
Unpost - Clears the journal number on the transaction if it can be unposted so it can be posted again

General Information

Displays general information about the transaction, such as:

  • Type
  • Patron
  • Order Number
  • Date Created
  • GL Journal Number
  • Transaction ID Number
  • Dated

Transaction Detail

The Transaction Detail displays extra information pertaining to a specific type. of transaction. If it is a financial transaction, you will see

  • for posted transactions - the accounts that the entry has posted to and contained in the G/L
  • for not-yet-posted transactions - the accounts that the entry is expected to post to during end of day using the current account setup in events, passes, donations, etc. If those setup accounts are changed, prior to posting, the transaction will post to those changed accounts. In other words, the accounts that the system posts to is determined during end of day posting.
  • in order to make transactional changes the user MUST have a Master User status in Theatre Manager.
  • This transaction history list can be accessed from many places in Theatre Manager such as the End of Day wizard, Plays & Dates, GL Entry Window, etc. The contents of the transaction list varies depending on the route used to access it.