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Redeemable via Internet Options

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If you decide to allow the pass or gift certificate to be redeemed online, you have two options:
  • Must be fully prepaid for. This is the default option and means that the pass or gift certificate must be paid for by the patron before it can be used online. This includes making postdated payments towards the value of the pass.
  • Might be unpaid. If this option is selected, it means that a patron can redeem the pass or gift certificate online before it is even paid for. Enabling this option requires that the employee has the function security enabled for Payments - use pass that has not been fully paid for'
    This option exposes you to Risk and is not recommended.

    If a pass or gift certificate is not paid for and the patron uses it to see a show, you risk being left with a receivable that the patron might never pay for after seeing the show. In effect, it means you gave away a comp ticket unwillingly.