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Using the "Gear" Buttons

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The "Gear" button on the Contact Card can be used for several functions depending on the contact field the gear button is next to. For example, with these buttons you can:
  • Schedule the removal of a phone, fax, email, website or address.
  • Schedule a change to the primary phone, fax, email, website or address as a one-time occurrence (and then change it back again at a later date).
  • Show a map of the patron's address.
  • Show the weather at the patron's address.
  • Send an email to the patron.
  • Reset the web sales password for the patron's account and send a one-time login email.
  • If its an email address, then you can ask the system to display a Forgotten Password Reset Log which shows effort around the patron trying to login, forget their password, their success and checkouts