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Accessing Calendars From Web Site

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There are some options for extracting calendar information from Theatre Manager in the form of a calendar download or a subscribe-able calendar. These currently include:
ICS files are convenient ways to share calendar information and can be done in two ways:
  • sending the ICS file containing calendar data to people
  • Subscribing to a calendar file - which means that as the calendar information changes in the database, the person who subscribed to the calendar will see the changed calendar data if they are connected to the server. they may need to set the refresh setting in their calendar.

Subscribing to External Calendars

The following links may assist you to link or subscribe to a Theatre Manager ICS calendar using you calendar. IF the links are not correct or ut of date, please use Google to search for Subscribing to calendars with ... to see if it helps.

Wikipedia publishes a list of calendar applications with ICS support. This might be helpful getting started with calendar integration.

The subscriber to a calendar may have to set the refresh time in the calendar - See iCal example